• Ventilation coils, Carisma CRC

Ventilation coils, Carisma CRC

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Technical specification

The convectors have modern design, ultra low noise level, reduced energy consumption and are easy to install and maintain. Every model and every version of Carisma CRC (including the accessories) is tested and certificated according to the Euorovent standard.
Suitable for offices, stores, restaurants and hotel rooms with channel installations.
The convectors are produced in 9 sizes (220 to 1500 m3 / h)
Two-pipe system with 3-line or 4-line heat exchanger.
Four-pipe system with 3-line or 4-line heat exchanger for cooling and 1-line or 2-line for heating
Most embodiments of two or four-pipe systems with different kinds of exchangers offer huge flexibility during the selection of the convectors (considering price, productivity and noise level).
We offer CARISMA with six-speed, monophased fans. Among them only three are configured fabrically.
The filter is easy to install, change and replace.
The control is incorporated only for convectors of underfloor installation and on wall for every kind of convector, without exceptions.
Three way or two way valve with actuator
Additional electric heater
Hole for fresh air
Condensate pump
Electrostatic filter CRYSTALL
The patented electrostatic filter can be mounted in the Carisma convectors. It is similar to the traditional mechanical filter whose class of filtration is 9 (it does not affect the pressure)
The CRYSTALL filter has electrostatic principle (the attraction between the electrical charges of the opposite sign).
In the first filter section, the air particles pass through an electric field, charged positively.
In the second filter section, the particles are attracted to plates of negatively charged filter.
After that, the smallest air particles (50 - 0.01 mm) are exposed to the ionic field and polarized (Stage 2)
The charged particles that pass through the second filter section are attracted to the collecting surface because of the strongly induced magnetic field (Phase 3).
Technical characteristics:
Model CRC
Number of columns
Air flow
Total cooling power
Tangible cooling power
Heating power
Dp Cooling
Dp Heating
Noise level Lp (High speed)
Noise level Lp (Medium speed)
Noise level Lp (Low speed)