Vilacom AD

With this reference, we would like to share our satisfaction and high appreciation for the work and professionalism of VENTO-K OOD in the supply and installation of HVAC facilities of VOLACOM AD sites, correct and good performance of the activities in 2014. , 2015, 2016 and 2017

"VENTO-K" Ltd. is distinguished by its reliability and efficiency in the execution of contracts and deliveries. We are pleased with the service and training of our employees in commissioning the equipment.

We assure that VENTO-K Ltd. is a reliable partner that can always be relied on.

It adheres to all technologies and submits the completed works on time.


Reference of: V. Vasilev, Manager


This is issued to the company "VENTO-K" Ltd., to certify our joint activity as our long-standing partner.

For more than 10 years VENTO-K Ltd. has been supplying, constructing and installing HVAC installations for Sesame playrooms.

The company works correctly, quickly and at a high expert and professional level. It has modern and reliable equipment, the necessary material and technical facilities and qualified personnel.

VENTO-K Ltd. always responds quickly and adequately to any questions and problems that have arisen. Meet the deadlines and regulatory requirements.

We believe that with their knowledge and creativity, they will always generate new concepts and ideas.

This reference is issued to VENTO-K Ltd. as a fair and reliable partner.



Reference of: Marieta Tsekova - Dimitrova, Manager


Company "IRELI" Ltd. is engaged in the production of wooden toys.

So far, the company has five filter-aspiration systems located in Pazardzhik and Montana.

Our joint work with the company "Vento-K" Ltd., dates from the beginning of 2000.

VENTO-K Ltd. is the main contractor of our filter-aspiration systems in the part of air ducts and filter system with one receiving and five filter stations.

Our interaction with VENTO-K has always been in the spirit of cooperation, honesty and mutual understanding.

They provide security, short delivery times and completion of ventilation installations.

We recommend VENTO-K Ltd. as a conscientious and responsible partner with high professional knowledge and skills in the field in which they work.

Date: 02/04/2018



Reference of: Veselin Bajarov, Manager


VETPROM AD - Radomir is a company with more than 40 years of presence in the Bulgarian economy, with dynamically developing production, trade, research and experimental activity over the years in line with the requirements of today. Located on an area of ​​approximately 60.7 thousand square meters today, Vetprom AD has separate buildings and workshops for the production of medicinal products. In addition, the company has warehouses of raw materials, finished goods and packaging materials.

Our cooperation with VENTO-K Ltd. in the construction of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems dates back many years. Since October

In 2016, we have a framework contract and we have assigned them the implementation of

OB and K installations of the newly built production facilities of the company, and we did not regret for a moment. They answered us with precision, accuracy and correctness.

VENTO-K Ltd. is the only company that offers us oil-free air ducts on a flanged connection, which does not allow the formation of sockets for bacterial contamination of the air flow.

VENTO-K Ltd. has qualified staff and offers professional, fast and high-quality service, on the basis of which we recommend the company as a good and reliable partner in the construction of HV and K installations.





With this reference we express our gratitude to the team of VENTO-K Ltd. for their professionalism and skills for their work with specific requirements.

We have been working with the team of VENTO-K since 2007.

From the beginning to the present, we have received from them extremely professional and competent assistance in our work together.

The company has a team of highly specialized workers and is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to fulfill their orders. All materials used by the company are supplied with appropriate quality certificates.

The experience gained and the results achieved are a guarantee that VENTO-K Ltd. deserves the trust of its customers.


Date: 02/04/2018