• Fan coils Bi2 SL smart inverter

Fan coils Bi2 SL smart inverter

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Technical specification

Fan coils Bi2 SLR smart inverter

Inverter fan coil for open vertical mounting or horizontal mounting (complete with condensing tray for horizontal mounting) Olimpia Splendid - SLR Smart inverter.

BI2 system - the structure of the fan, which modulates the speed ensures absolutely the same air distribution and the same room temperature, one body controls the year-round comfort - low temperature radiation, fan heating, cooling, drying and air filtration. BI2 is the winner of the 2014 GOOD DESIGN Awards, founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN is the oldest internationally recognized competition for excellent design.


Depending on the model, the series provides three different operating modes - radiant heating + forced convection, radiant heating + natural convection and forced convection cooling.

Radiant radiation technology - has a higher static capacity due to a higher average surface temperature, uniform surface heating, increased natural convection and reduced water content for faster flow.

Inverter system - the inverter motor adapts the air flow to the heat load of the environment, optimizing comfort and reducing consumption, which is typical for inverter technology. At the minimum fan speed, the total consumption is only 5W.

Flat design - compact: thickness only 12.9 cm, completely flat and aesthetic with built-in vacuum system.

Quiet system - at full power the silence is absolute, the high-efficiency tangential fan allows greater airflow with lower noise levels.

Easy installation - Bi2 models can be mounted on a wall, floor or ceiling.

Metal construction

Easy to clean - Easy removal of air filters and access to the front fan make cleaning easier, even on built-in models.

The series consists of 5 models with different power

DC motor Accessories that are not included in the price and are paid extra:

Electronic built-in control for inverter convectors with temperature regulation, operating mode, fan speed regulation, control of two valves, sensor for minimum water temperature, possibility for communication with presence sensor - BGN 120.00.

Built-in control with display, visualization of the desired temperature, sensor buttons, selection of operating mode, ventilation speed, control of two valves, minimum water temperature sensor, possibility to communicate with presence sensor, wireless remote control (supplied factory-installed ) - BGN 220.00.

Programmable built-in wall control with backlit LCD display, allows temperature regulation, operating mode, fan speed, programmable thermostat, possibility to control up to 30 pcs. convector - BGN 250.00.

2-way valve - BGN 245.00

Set of legs - BGN 90.00

Set of brackets for floor fastening - BGN 155.00