Energy Saving Units / Recuperators /

Energy Saving Units  / Recuperators /


Intended for the reduction of  wasted heat/cold in the general ventilation system.

The units are made out of self-supporting construction of aluminium profiles. The sides are made of  galvanized sheet metal with powder coating (on the outside) and are filled with noise and thermal insulation (on the inside).

They are carried out with highly efficient plate heat exchanger made of aluminium which is a production of HEATEX - Switzerland, double inlet fans (speed – from 1 to 3) and filters for the spent fresh air with filtration class of EU3.

The Energy Saving Units are constructed so that they could provide easier access to the fans, heat exchangers, filters and bars.They are produced for internal and external outdoor installation.

Summer cassette (in areas with lack of air)
Differential pressure switch – polluted filter, freezing of the heat exchanger
Mounting accessories for outdoor installation
Preheater – against freezing of the heat exchanger
Additional heater (water or electrical)
Left or right service