• Ventilation coils, SL/SLR

Ventilation coils, SL/SLR

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Technical specification

Convectors with tangential fan and integrated panel made out of steel.
Convector for outdoor installation SL
Convector for hidden installation SLI
Convector with a steel panel SLR
Slim profile -13cm
Modern design
Steel panel that allows a completely noiseless operation (in heating mode).
The special thermo aperture is one of the most important elements. The coolant can pass through the heat exchanger and the panel radiator during the heating mode while during the cooling mode, the same thermo aperture stops the refrigerant and eliminates the danger of condensation.
 Hydraulic group with three-way valve, stopcock and accessories.
 Variable speed control.
 Integrated or external control.
 The colors you can find it in are white and silver(silver gray metallic).
Technical characteristics
Total cooling power
Tangible cooling power
Water flow
Pressure drop
Heating power
Water flow
Pressure drop (50oC)
Heating power (3)
Water flow
Pressure drop (70oC)
Capacity of the water circuit
MAX pressure
Pipe connections
Max-min. Flow
Power supply
Operating electricity
Max. absorbed power
Max-min sound level (4)