• Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-FH 25VE

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-FH 25VE

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Technical specification

DC inverter.
Econo Cool (regulates the amount of incoming airflow compared to the temperature of the outgoing airflow).
On/Off timer (sets the hours of turning on and turning off)
Weekly Timer (easy setup of the desired temperature and the switch hours ).
Catechin filter (excellent deodorizing ability, improves the air quality, prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses in the room).
MXZ connection (it's possible to connect it to an outdoor unit from the MXZ series – multi split system)
Automatic ventilation mode (the airflow adjusts automatically to the room temperature)
I-save mode (returns the previous temperature setting).
Nano-platinum filter (filter made out of platinum ceramic nanoparticles which generate stable antibacterial and deodorising effect)
WiFi (you can control it through your smartphone, tablet or laptop)
Frost protection (the lowest heating temperature is 10C. It guarantees that an amount of energy will be saved in the unused places. This way you avoid the excessive cooling)
Wired remote control (the devices can be controlled with wired remote controls. Your options are two: Compact PAC-YT52CRA and Deluxe PAR-31MAA).
3D i-see Sensor (knows if there's a person in the room or not. The intelligent techology provides a possibility of local regulation of air, compared to the positions where the people are standing)
Plasma Quad Filter (neutralizes 99% of the bacteria,viruses,allergens, mold and dust in the air.Bioplasmic field in the microstructure of the filter is created by high voltage).
Thermal control
Improved inverter technology
Low energy costs
Double lamella for perfect airflow
Plasma Quad Filter
Compact and aesthetic design
Silent mode
Technical characteristics:
Operating mode
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Coefficient of transformation COP / Energy class
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Функции на климатика

Econo Cool
Econo Cool is a smart temperature control feature that regulates the amount of air flow directed at the body based on the outlet air temperature. The temperature infusion can be increased by 2 ° C without any loss of comfort, therefore increasing the energy efficiency by 20%.
Auto restart
Extremely useful for power cuts. when it is restored, the air conditioner switches on automatically.
Cooling to low temperatures
The intelligent control of the ventilation force of the outdoor unit ensures optimum performance, even when the outdoor temperature is low.
On / Off Timer
Use the remote control to determine the on / off times of the air conditioner.
Weekly Timer Function
Easily adjust the desired temperature and time to turn the air conditioner on and off according to your lifestyle. Limit energy losses by using a timer to prevent the air conditioner from working excessively if you forget to turn it off.
Control of PAR-30MAA / RAC-YT52CRA
Air-conditioners are compatible with the PAR-30MAA or RAC-YT52CRA, which has a variety of control functions.
Centralized on / off switch
The air conditioners can be connected to the centralized control system MAC-821SC-E, which can control the On / Off function of up to 8 indoor units.
MXZ connection (multisplit)
It is possible to connect to an external body of the MXZ series - multi-split system.
The air conditioner automatically switches from heating mode to cooling mode and back again to maintain the desired temperature
Flare connection
Connection to cooling pipelines via cones is possible.
Check codes are displayed on the remote control screen or operation indicator to inform the user of any malfunctions.
Automatic closing of the slats
The air conditioning blade closes automatically when the body is not in operating mode, giving it an aesthetic appearance.
Horizontal swinging mode of the slats
In this mode, the air conditioning blades move up and down, ensuring optimal distribution of air in the room.
Error storage function
This feature allows fault information that is generated during air conditioning operation to be recorded and stored.
Joint Lap DC Motor
The unique Mitsubishi Electric motor, which in Japan is called a Pokémon motor. With its high density it contributes to a great deal of efficiency.
I save mode
I save is a simplified function that restores the previous temperature setting of the air conditioner with the press of only one button on the remote control. Press the same button twice again to immediately return to the previous setting. This feature contributes to comfortable and frugal use by reducing excess power consumption when, for example, leaving the room or while sleeping.
Automatic ventilation mode
Adjusting the airflow force automatically adjusts the ventilation rate of the indoor unit according to the room temperature conditions.
Silver ionization air purifier
Captures and neutralizes bacteria, pollen and other allergens in the air.
PAM control
PAM is a technology that controls the sinusoidal shape of the current so that it corresponds to that of the voltage. In this way, efficient use of the input power is achieved. Using PAM control, 98% of the power consumed is used efficiently.
System control of a group of air conditioners
One remote control is able to control the operation of up to 16 cooling systems.
DC Fan motor
A high-performance DC motor drives the outdoor unit fan. The efficiency is much higher than the equivalent AC motor.
WiFi interface
The WiFi interface provides remote control of the air-conditioning system using smartphones, tablets or laptops.
Finned tubes
High-performance finned tubes are used in heat exchangers to increase the area of heat exchange.
Cleaning-free Pipe Reuse
Allows the use of the same pipes, as well as easy replacement of air-conditioning systems, allowing R22 or R410 refrigerant.
DC Inverter
Mitsubishi Electric inverters provide optimum frequency control. As a result, the power in all heating and cooling modes is optimal and maximum comfort is achieved with minimal energy consumption.
3D i-see sensor
3D i-see sensor - captures human presence as well. Intelligent technology provides the ability to regulate the air locally according to the location of people in the room.
Vertical swinging mode of the slats
The outlet air fin swings end-to-end so that the airflow reaches every part of the room.
Temperature monitoring of a specific area
The function of "monitoring" the temperature of a certain area works on the basis of the data collected by the "i see" sensor. It, in turn, controls the room temperature by sector and directs the airflow to those in which it does not match the set value of the air conditioner. (If the air temperature is warmer in the center of the room when cooled, a higher airflow is directed to it.) This eliminates excess heating / cooling and contributes to lower electricity costs.
Natural Flow
In order to create a healthy air flow, the most important aspect is to make the flow feel natural. Mitsubishi Electric's solution to this problem is Natural Flow, which is made possible by this technology, which freely and flexibly controls airflow.
Plasma Quad filter
The Plasma Quad filter neutralizes up to 99% of the content of bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold and dust in the air. To achieve this effect, a high-voltage bio-plasma field is created in the filter microstructure.
M-NET controller
The air conditioners can be connected to the MELANS system controller (M-NET controller).
Pure white
The color of the air conditioner is pure white; white represents cleanliness and easily fits into any interior.