• Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP 35VGК

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-AP 35VGК

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Technical specification

DC Inverter.
Econo Cool (regulates the amount of incoming airflow compared to the temperature of the outgoing air flow).
Low noise level – only 21dB.
Auto restart (the air conditioner turns back on,  immediately after a power outage).
On/Off timer (sets the hours of turning on and turning off).
Weekly Timer (easy setup of the desired temperature and the switch hours).
Pure White (the air conditioner is white).
Compact design.
MXZ connection (it's possible to connect it to an outdoor unit from the MXZ series – multi split system).
ACO (the air conditioner automatically changes the mode of operation to maintain the set temperature).
I-save mode (returns the previous temperature setting).
Nano-platinum filter (filter made out of platinum ceramic nanoparticles which generate stable antibacterial and deodorising effect).
Automatic ventilation mode (the airflow adjusts automatically to the room temperature).
WiFi (you can control it through your smartphone, tablet or laptop).
ErP Ecodesign (protects the environment (Energy Related Product)).
Vertical swinging mode of the lamella.
Frost protection (the lowest heating temperature is 10C. It guarantees that an amount of energy will be saved in the unused places. This way you avoid the excessive cooling)
Connects to VRF systems through LEV kit (the new LEV kit (linear expansion valve) allows the connection between the indoor unit and the systems City Multi).
Inverter technology (The inverter systems work in Economy mode, thanks to the constant adaptation of the power. For the cooling or heating, they use a power, required at the time).
Wired remote control (the devices can be controlled with wired remote controls. Your options are   two: Compact PAC-YT52CRA and Deluxe PAR-31MAA).
Compact size and simple design
Improved inverter technology
High energy efficiency
Filter with antibacterial and antistatic effect
Silent mode
Technical characteristics:
Operating mode
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Energy Efficiency EER / Energy class
Coefficient of transformation COP / Energy class
Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) / Energy class
Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SCOP) / Energy class
Operating range
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Функции на климатика

Econo Cool
Econo Cool is a smart temperature control feature that regulates the amount of air flow directed at the body based on the outlet air temperature. The temperature infusion can be increased by 2 ° C without any loss of comfort, therefore increasing the energy efficiency by 20%.
Auto restart
Extremely useful for power cuts. when it is restored, the air conditioner switches on automatically.
Cooling to low temperatures
The intelligent control of the ventilation force of the outdoor unit ensures optimum performance, even when the outdoor temperature is low.
On / Off Timer
Use the remote control to determine the on / off times of the air conditioner.
Weekly Timer Function
Easily adjust the desired temperature and time to turn the air conditioner on and off according to your lifestyle. Limit energy losses by using a timer to prevent the air conditioner from working excessively if you forget to turn it off.
Control of PAR-30MAA / RAC-YT52CRA
Air-conditioners are compatible with the PAR-30MAA or RAC-YT52CRA, which has a variety of control functions.
MXZ connection (multisplit)
It is possible to connect to an external body of the MXZ series - multi-split system.
The air conditioner automatically switches from heating mode to cooling mode and back again to maintain the desired temperature
Flare connection
Connection to cooling pipelines via cones is possible.
Check codes are displayed on the remote control screen or operation indicator to inform the user of any malfunctions.
Automatic closing of the slats
The air conditioning blade closes automatically when the body is not in operating mode, giving it an aesthetic appearance.
Error storage function
This feature allows fault information that is generated during air conditioning operation to be recorded and stored.
I save mode
I save is a simplified function that restores the previous temperature setting of the air conditioner with the press of only one button on the remote control. Press the same button twice again to immediately return to the previous setting. This feature contributes to comfortable and frugal use by reducing excess power consumption when, for example, leaving the room or while sleeping.
Automatic ventilation mode
Adjusting the airflow force automatically adjusts the ventilation rate of the indoor unit according to the room temperature conditions.
System control of a group of air conditioners
One remote control is able to control the operation of up to 16 cooling systems.
WiFi interface
The WiFi interface provides remote control of the air-conditioning system using smartphones, tablets or laptops.
DC Inverter
Mitsubishi Electric inverters provide optimum frequency control. As a result, the power in all heating and cooling modes is optimal and maximum comfort is achieved with minimal energy consumption.
M-NET controller
The air conditioners can be connected to the MELANS system controller (M-NET controller).
Pure white
The color of the air conditioner is pure white; white represents cleanliness and easily fits into any interior.